Uden-S Infrared Heating Solutions


Uden-S infrared electric heating is a new, cost effective way to heat your home or workplace – while saving up to 50% on bills. Affordable, reliable, efficient and cost-saving – most homes or businesses look for their heating systems to deliver on at least one of these features.

Uden-S infrared electric heating offers the combined benefits of all these qualities. Forget about inefficient storage heaters or a reliance on costly oil and gas radiators … Infranomic heating can help reduce your energy bills by up to 50% and you don’t have to worry about any future maintenance costs.

With soaring energy bills a constant worry for any household or business, it is not hard to see how Uden-S heating is THE heating system of the future: and the future is now.

Up to 50% Reduced energy consumption - Save money now!

Uden-S Infrared heating panels have a low wattage combined with other forms of electric heating. To heat a room of a certain size you don't need as many watts for infrared as you would convection. Convection is where the room warms up due to the movement of hot air - like storage heaters and gas central heating systems. Infrared instead works by heating surfaces, building up the thermal mass of the room by heating the walls, floors and objects within. This means that not only do you feel the heat quicker, but because it is only heating what is required, it also uses less energy.

The electric infrared panels also only take about 30 seconds to reach full operating temperature and therefore are much more efficient at heating a space than conventional space heating heaters. Our energy-efficient systems will keep your home or business warm and comfortable all year round – while significantly cutting energy consumption and saving you up to 50% on bills!

Why Infrared is better

Infrared electric heating means an end to ineffective heating that has blighted homes and businesses for decades. Infrared heating will keep your home or business warm and comfortable all year round – while significantly cutting energy consumption and saving you up to 50% on bills!

It has been acknowledged that the best way to keep your heating bills down is to use less energy.

Infrared heating allows you to reduce energy consumption – yet still gain from a system that gives better, healthier and more natural heating.

The panels fitted with intelligent wireless controls - can be installed into any type of property, and are suitable for all rooms including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Uden-S infrared panels have been designed to be highly affordable and can be purchased individually, starting from as little as £100.00.

Easy to Install, No Maintenance, No Servicing Required

Uden-S Infrared heating can be installed quickly and easily in any property with an electricity supply. The heating panels require no annual maintenance or servicing, which brings additional savings. Once they're installed all that’s needed is a dust. The units are of the high standard ensuring the Uden-S brand is known for Affordability, Quality and Reliability.

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